BoSidin Facial & Body Painless Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men


Using ground-breaking OPT which delivers professional results; Clinically tested results show that up to 96% hair reduction realized just after 3 treatments.
450,000 flashes provides the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 20 years; Safe for use on face and body, including uppers, chins, arms, armpits, legs and bikini line area.
Five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment; You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth.
Please note that it’s not chargeable, and should keep plug in during treatment; After plug it to the power socket, kindly please press the power button (in the middle of the 3 buttons that below the display screen) for 3s to turn it on.
All of our products are under severe inspection before shipping to Amazon warehouse, and there is a plastic film wrapped outside the product packaging box, if what you received is not like this, kindly please contact our customer service directly, we’ll deal it for you immediately.

Ground-Breaking Optimal Pulse Technology
The new generation OPT realizes the perfect combination of energy and wavelength, it has the advantages of both laser and IPL. Thus, the energy that penetrates deeply into hair follicles has a qualitative upgrade, and it only has low influence on the skin surface, which truly introduce the medical-beauty experience into your home.

Super Constant Energy
Super Constant Energy makes the light continuously deliver steady energy to the treatment area, ensuring each hair follicle receives equalizing energy. Uniform spatial distribution of energy which promise a balanced hair removal and long-lasting silky smooth skin.

Multi – Frequency of NC Optimal Pulse Technology
It is well known that the melanin content and the depth of hair roots varies in each individual. However, the energy of traditional IPL is difficult to deal with the hair diversity. BoSidin technology adopts Multi – frequency of NC Optimal Pulse Technology, which can break through the single high-power output mode of traditional IPL. The hair follicle continuously accumulates heat by multiple output of soft pulsed light during TRT, which can long-lasting inhibit hair regrowth.

Dynamic Cooling System
Dynamic Cooling Technology provides you ultra fast cool feeling. 5℃ cooling protective layer is formed on the skin surface during treatment, which promises gentle and effective even on the most sensitive areas of the body.

AI Control Get Instant Silky
BoSidin unique AI Control technology can reduce flash interval and ensure the effect. Auto-flash method provides you smooth pulse and ultra-fast flash, which can remove your whole unwanted hair in 8 minutes.

360° Surround Cooling Technology
360° Surround Cooling Technology that equipped with a cutting-edge surround ice panel. Cool treatment area rapidly, which can shrink your pores and give you advanced skin care.

Strictly Pick Medical-Grade Material
BoSidin selects high-end medical-grade material, and strictly controls every link of manufacturing process according to medical-grade level. It has Introduced industry-leading Optimal Pulse Technology.

First Choice of Dermatologist
BoSidin has gained professional support from dermatologists and medical experts. You will get a salon quality treatment in the privacy of your own home